Bar Bending Machine

GW50 manual bar bending machine

Portable Rebar Bending Machine

Winwin Portable Rebar Bending Machine can bend bars with diameters from 4 mm to 40 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm.

And Winwin machinery can bend different bars into any arcs within 180° according to different needs of building and construction. Read More

Manual Rebar Bender Machine

Manual Rebar Bender Machine is one kind of steel bar processing machine, widely used construction building field.

It constitued by the motor, gear, operation disc, breaker and machine body. Ii is able to bend ribbed steel bar diameter from 6mm to 40/50/6070 mm,  Read More

Automatic Rebar Bending Machine

Automatic Rebar Bending Machine  is widely used in the field of construction and masonry.

This machine has found a good sale since it came to the market, not only because of its reasonable and inexpensive price but also because of its high quality and high efficiency. Read More

Stirrup Bending Machine for Sale

It has more functions than normal bending machine, Stirrup bender can bend bar, rebar, reinforcing bar and steel within 180° into different forms according to different settings, for example, triangle, quadrangle, pentagram, polygon and ring. Besides, this machine can also bend metals into “U ” shape.  Read More

HGTW4-12 CNC Wire Stirrup Bender

CNC Stirrup Bending Machine

CNC Stirrup Bending Machine is also widely used in the building and construction industries.

Compared with the normal stirrup machines, CNC Stirrup Bending Machines have a stronger work capacity and efficiency.And its structure is more compact than the normal machinery.  Read More

Pipe Bender Machine for Sale

Pipe Bender Machine has Wildly used ornamental wrought iron machines. This machine is also called pipe rolling machine.

It can bend pipes into different arcs and angles according to different needs. Winwin pipe bender machine can not only bend round pipe, but also process square tube and flat iron.  Read More

Bar Cutting Machines

Portable Rebar Cutter

Used for cutting deformed bar, round bar, steel rod, common carbon steel, square steel and screws, etc. small and light can be carried convenient.

And thus, it applies various occasions in construction project, such as construction sites, railways, highways, mines, dams, wharfs and ports.  Read More

Steel Bar Cutting Machine

It applies to various steel bar materials, such as ordinary carbon bar, round bar and deformed bar and so on.

In general, it is widely used in construction project, for example, bridge, tunnel, and ordinary house building. Read More

Rebar Cutting and Bending Machine

Rebar cutting and bending machine is fabricated as a useful equipment for cutting rebar. In general, it is mainly used in such construction projects that is house construction, bridge construction and rebar processing factory. Read More

Wire Straightening Machines

Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

Used to straightening galvanized wire or rebar, and then cut it into the needed length. It can do a prepare work for the wire mesh welding machine. So it is widely accepted to the factory who is dealing wire wires and wire mesh. Also widely used in construction area.  Read More

Scrap Bar Straightener

It is able to straighten scraped rebar with high efficiency. Cutting function has been added to remove unwanted part. The four heavy-duty wheels can be used to move the machine anywhere easily. It reduces the cost of the materials and protects the environment by re-using the scraped rebar. Read More

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